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SkyScan Lightning/Storm Detectors
& Early Warning Systems

About 100,000 thunderstorms occur in the United States each year.
The average thunderstorm is 6-10 miles wide and travels at a rate of
25 miles per hour. Generally, thunder can only be heard from about
3-4 miles, and the average lightning stroke is 6 miles long.

Judging the danger of lightning used to be a matter of guesswork.
Now with SkyScan, it's just a matter of pushing a button. SkyScan
instruments have the electronic sophistication to detect lightning as far
as 40 miles away and accurately ranges its approach to allow plenty
of time to clear the field, leave the camp grounds, or sail back to shore.

A Word About IRD’s (Instant Ranging Devices)
All lightning detectors manufactured by Xtreme Research Corporation
are IRD’s. IRD means that every lightning strike is displayed immediately
and accurately from the very first strike detected. This unique capability
comes from our patented dual antenna system.

All other lightning detectors on the market today, including the Thunderbolt
and Strike Alert use a single antenna and are DRD’s (delayed ranging
devices). These devices require dozens of strikes before they can actually
begin determining the range of the strikes. This results in a much less
accurate system that leaves you vulnerable to fast moving storms.

The original SkyScan P5 has long been the industry standard for handheld
lightning detection. Now after years of research and development, we are
proud to offer the new StormPro2 with Intelicharge, automatically displays storm distances in both miles and kilometers. The new StormPro2 uses
advanced new charging circuitry to eliminate the need for the constant
purchasing and disposing of environmentally unfriendly batteries.


For those who want an industrial duty machine, the EWS-PRO2 leads the
way with larger range alert lights, louder audible alert and is also

The newly restyled Field Pro is a permanently installed system that can
cover an entire facility. It features a large visual display as well as a pair
of 125 decibel horns that can be heard at nearly a mile. Dual battery
backup keeps protecting even when power is lost.

We are proud to offer the most accurate and only IRD lightning systems
in the world and our commitment to bringing detection you the latest
and safest technology will continue.

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